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“Individuals who wish to live a relatively pain-free existence, slow the effects of aging as well as prevent injury should undergo at least 30-60 minutes of moderate intensity exercise, 2-5 days/week” – according to the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). These exercises should include some “resistance” whether it be your own body weight, resistance bands or free weights.

We have helped many people regain their strength, mobility and confidence.

Once the majority of Physical Therapy patients are done with their program, they stop doing the exercises at home (mostly due to life getting in the way and not having someone to hold them accountable). This leads to a slow and steady decline in the strength that they have gained in PT and their problem inevitably comes back! And they are right back into PT with the same problem again!


Individual Attention to Achieve your Goals with Personal Training in Huntington

We offer personal training and small group sessions that push you to work towards your goals with a like-minded group with no judgment or intimidation. Our trainers ensure you are given 100% of their attention and given the perfect mix of fitness and clinical precision.


Firstly, you will be taken through a movement assessment and a screening to determine what your personalized program needs to focus on regarding your body’s physical needs. Every client will have specific needs based on assessment and screening. This specific training focuses on mobility, strength and flexibility. Stability and strengthening the core are integral to prevent future injuries. We know we can help you progress past any rehab experiences and fully optimize what your body is truly capable of.

Universus PT & Wellness can help you turn your fitness training up and to the next level to achieve your goals. We can help you with anything from building strength, losing weight, increasing flexibility, improving your fitness level or keeping your pain from ever coming back.


Support From a Great Community

Our clients are goal driven and want the best results that they can achieve. We find that in our group meetings that people are always supporting and pushing each other to be better. We see that group members come early to catch up and also stay late for a coffee or kombucha to discuss what the next outing might look like. We think it’s all about community and aim to make the group environment as fun as possible.

Boost Your Energy Level Throughout The Day

Even if you’re tired from a workout session, when you successfully carry out a workout program you’ll have more energy throughout the day. We want you to have more energy for the things that matter, like at work, keeping up with your family, to play and practice more sports and have more recreational time with your friends. Having the right exercise program means you won’t have to worry about exhaustion due to the wrong exercise routine.

Feel More Confident In All Facets of Your Life

We know that when you’re looking good, you’re feeling good! When you’re feeling good it boosts your confidence. Strength in your body means that you have the ability to stand up strong and tall, not letting any inconvenience get you down. You’ll exude confidence in how you carry yourself with a good exercise routine.

Who this program is for:

  • People who want to keep the progress they’ve made in PT so that they don’t have to worry about the pain coming back
  • People who recognize that either their strength, conditioning, core strength or balance need help and would feel better getting help with this from a professional movement expert
  • People who have had multiple injuries in the past and aren’t sure how/who to start exercise with and are worried if it will be safe for them
  • People who want to have more energy and flexibility to get through their day
  • People who want to age gracefully and not have to worry about all the degenerative age- related problems that come with disuse muscle atrophy (weakness due to not training)
  • People who want a leaner body, stronger core, better posture, deeper breaths, less stress on the joints, less anxious thoughts, more flexibility, better coordination, better response to stress, and less daily aches and pains
  • People who do not like the idea of going to a gym and doing a bunch of machines and hoping that they are doing what’s right for their body
  • People who want to COMMIT to getting and staying healthy!
  • People who are ready to be held accountable by having weekly assigned appointments to get into shape inside of a healing center!

10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Personal & Small Group Training at Universus Physical Therapy:

  • The classes are small – no more than 5-6 people to a class
  • The classes are taught by a NASM-Certified Personal and Group Fitness Instructor
  • The classes are a VERY cost effective way to keep the progress you’ve already made in PT, so that you don’t lose any traction in your physical fitness
  • If you are NEW to Universus PT, you will be given a Physical Therapy consultation to decide which class would be best for you to start with (We will perform an Individualized movement screening to identify which parts of your body need special attention or protection)
  • There is little to no chance of overtraining or injury in these classes, given that they are taught by movement experts and certified fitness trainers
  • You will be in a healing environment with like minded people who have suffered with injury/pain in the past, just like you
  • You will maintain or even gain strength in multiple joints, as the class will be comprehensive with attention to the upper body, lower body, core and balance
  • You won’t have to bother dealing with a gym and the uncertainty of whether or not you are doing exercises that are safe for your body
  • This program would satisfy the NSCA’s recommendation to perform moderate intensity exercise 30-60 minutes, 2-5 days/week
  • You will be taught proper form of the most useful functional movements that we need to use in our daily lives so that we can stay active, healthy and mobile without putting excess strain on our joints

    How can choosing to join a Personal Training Session or a Small Group Training Class at Universus PT Help me Get into Shape and Improve the quality of my life?

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    Susan G.

    “I was very fortunate to have therapy here. I am greatly improved in stamina, balance and I am pain free
    I have been taught how to increase exercise at home and at the gym, every time I go I get better educated and empowered
    Thank you”

    Ronald F.

    “I’ve had PT in many places over the years. Universus is the best. Full attention from the best physical therapists – no assistants, no gimmicky machines, etc. Really the greatest.”

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