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Individuals who manage their nutrition, consistently do the best in Physical Therapy. At Universus PT, we have partnered with Health and Wellness coaches to provide you with up to date nutritional advice and guidance in order to optimize your healing experience.

How Can Health Coaching Help Me in Huntington?

  • Helps you implement lifestyle changes to improve your physical health
  • Helps people discover the “why” behind their desired health change
  • Empowers people as the experts on their own bodies, minds, and circumstances
  • Helps people identify challenges and blind spots that are preventing change
  • Provides support and accountability

A health coach is your personal health cheerleader, guide and partner. Health coaching isn’t about someone telling you what to do, “it is someone who’s respecting your terms and reasons for wanting to change, or not wanting to change.”

Setting and reaching health goals can be challenging, but a health coach can help you move past barriers. Switching to a healthier lifestyle can affect everything. With increased energy and motivation, you’ll be able to do more, be there for others and live life to the fullest.

A One on One coaching session at Universus is 30-60 minutes in length, depending on your needs. We offer a free Discovery Session to decide if it is right for you and if you “connect” with your Health Coach.

Who Health Coaching is for:

People who want to lose or manage their weight

People who want to be empowered to make healthier lifestyle choices for them and their families

People who want to understand how a whole foods diet can positively impact their health and environment

Seniors who want to enjoy life in their exciting prime time

Pregnant women who want to prepare for a healthy pregnancy, live a healthy pregnancy and then transition into motherhood

Anyone looking to eat the right things that cause them to feel more energetic and lighter rather than feeling bloated and depressed

Anyone looking to manage stress and anxiety with an anti-inflammatory diet and getting educated on what those foods are

Anyone who has been on a number of diets, only to feel stressed and with the weight coming back and want a sustainable way to eat a healthful diet

Prime-Time Health” for Seniors and Adults

Philosophy behind Prime-Time Health

Prime Time Health is a scientifically proven plan for feeling young and living longer. You will learn about good nutrition, make health simple and fun, and address obesity, disease prevention and wellness. The focus is fitness, mood, memory, alertness, energy, the immune system, agility, and illness/disease. Our goal is to help you grow as an individual and have a better quality of life as you age because your health impacts all areas of your life.

Prime-Time Health is one of 3 programs designed by Dr. Sears (known as “America’s pediatrician”) .This program was designed to help families to have a healthy life.

The principle is L.E.A.N., an acronym for lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutrition. It is such a wonderful, carefully thought out program based on science. It does not focus on any one diet and the philosophy is to work on lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutrition. It is a preventive method to help families achieve optimal health by making good lifestyle choices.

In the specific program of Prime-Time Health, the sessions focus on applying these principles for healthy aging. Whether you want to prevent illnesses or ailments that seem inevitable with aging or you want to put your health on the right track, Prime-Time Health is for you.

The Prime-Time Health plan is for feeling young and living longer. Through the session(s) you will be empowered because you will learn in a fun and interactive way how the body works and changes as it ages.


What You Will Get From The Prime Time Health Plan:

  • Tools to help you prevent disease
  • Restful sleep, better mood
  • Sharper thinking and memory
  • Cut the risk of cancer and the “highs” (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar)
  • You will learn strategies on how to choose the right foods, read labels and interpret them.
  • Easy and healthy recipes and you will be empowered on how to shop smart and eat smart.
  • How to easily categorize food items and determine how an item will affect your body, meal plan on your budget, engage in activities, share experiences
  • Less aches and pain from nagging arthritic joints
  • Improved immune system with less vulnerability to illness

How can choosing to join a Small Group Training Class at Universus PT Help me Get into Shape and Improve the quality of my life?

Four sessions for Prime-Time Health: 

which can be taken independently or as a series.

“Make Your Own Medicine”

“Move Waste From Your Waist”

“live Without Pain and Inflammation”

“Make Health Your Hobby”

How can Health Coaching and Dr. Sears’ renowned program, “Prime-time health” help me get into shape, feel less bloated, less stressed with less pain in my joints while learning about optimal food choices?

Not interested in one-on-one coaching? We offer Nutritional Group classes done in person and streamed live on Zoom. If you would like to sign up for one of our interactive Nutrition Education Workshops: CLICK HERE

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