Huntington Testimonials

Cynthia, 70’s, Northport

Caroline, 40s Huntington Station

Rocco, 60s Huntington Station

Anna, 30’s, Huntington

Joanna, 70s Northport

“Universus Physical Therapy was a PT service unlike anything I have experienced. My therapist stayed with me for my entire 45 minute session. My knee was carefully examine and massaged every week. Their mission is to restore all of me. This was all fabulous and I cant believe how healed and strong I came out of it. It is an above 40 population. I cant recommend this group enough!”

Vicki F.

“Universus is different from other PT I have tried. They offer one on one physical therapy with outstanding therapists who take the time to talk to you while addressing the issue you have. You are assigned one or two therapists and both Nathaniel & Chris were terrific. I have serious back issues & they were very helpful in dealing with my pain. I always walked out feeling better than when I walked in and I was able to incorporate the exercises I learned at PT into my stretching routine at home. Yoga is offered & I just started taking the Saturday class & plan to continue.
Universus is 5 star physical therapy.”

Cindy M.

“My “go to” location for anytime I need treatment. A great location with plenty of parking. When you enter the office you are greeted by a welcoming and friendly staff. The therapists are very thorough and patient. It is a clear reflection of Dr . Ghattas. Thank you Nathaniel for your help and congrats to the office on your 10 year anniversary of practice.”

Willliam J.

“Excellent therapists. Great location. Overall satisfying experience and help with problem.”

Ian C.

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Bob R.

“Family friendly PT office. Receptionist is well versed in her job. Therapists work hard to get you back to where you should be in R.O.M. and flexibility. Questions answered with enough detail to satisfy most inquiries and if you need more information – just ask. They aim to make your visit as productive as they can.”

Ray P.

“Shaden (owner) is personable,knowledgeable and totally attentive to her clients needs and concerns. Universus is a small studio and each client gets her complete attention as you will be the only person there for your entire appointment. A welcome change from big therapy places where the therapist (or several therapists) are treating more than one client at the same time.I’ve been to a number of different places in my life and this is just what I was looking for.Highly recommended.”

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