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Christopher Dinh (DPT)

Physical Therapist


Born and raised in Queens, NY, I went to St Francis College for my undergraduate degree and earned my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Plymouth State University in NH. During my years in undergraduate, I ran for the SFC Track and Field team as a 200-400m sprinter

Honesty and resilience

“A good routine is our greatest, yet most elusive friend.”

I am a Staff PT specializing in orthopedic injuries with a optimistic movement based approach. I also serve as the clinical director.

I help repair people’s relationship with their body, and improve their understanding about pain and dysfunction.

1-1 time with patients certainly allows us to build stronger relationships and make the necessary modifications throughout a patients Plan of care to help them improve their ability to navigate life’s challenges.

I enjoy video games, hiking, rock climbing, photography, traveling.

What is Dr. Christopher Watching, Reading, or Listening to?

  • Goodfellas (movie)
  • Alice in Borderlands (show)
  • Spartacus (show)

Patient Testimonials

Universus is different from other PT I have tried. They offer one on one physical therapy with outstanding therapists who take the time to talk to you while addressing the issue you have. You are assigned one or two therapists and both Nathaniel & Chris were terrific. I have serious back issues & they were very helpful in dealing with my pain. I always walked out feeling better than when I walked in and I was able to incorporate the exercises I learned at PT into my stretching routine at home. Yoga is offered & I just started taking the Saturday class & plan to continue. Universus is 5 star physical therapy.

Thank you Shaden and staff for excellent care. Thank you Dr Christopher Dinh who worked side by side helping me reach my full potential.

Great experience! My back was completely immobile when I first started going to Chris. Not only did he get my back unlocked, he zoned in on why it locked up in the first place and worked with me each session to strengthen my weak glutes and hamstrings. I’m now completely pain-free, mobile and getting stronger each day based on the exercises Chris shared with me and has encouraged me to keep doing. Thanks Chris!

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