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Letter to My Doctor:
Well, you were right!! Rotator Cuff – Adhesive Capsulitis (frozen shoulder). The
Manual Physical Therapist, Dr. Shaden Ghattas, Universus Physical Therapy on East
Main Street diagnosed it and I can’t tell you how happy I am that it is fixable over
time. I thought it was related to the stenosis for the past year and that I would just
have to live with the discomfort!!!
The pain in my back shoulder area was from trying to compensate with that muscle
because it hurt to lift my arm. Her therapy has relieved that discomfort after the first
visit. The soreness in my neck is probably related to my stenosis and feels better with
exercises I am doing.
I have to tell you that so far, I am so pleased with her treatment. It was so refreshing
for her to spend the entire session on me unlike the “production line” physical
therapy place I had originally visited. I thought that is what physical therapy was and
wasn’t totally impressed.
She actually treats some of your patients now. I know you mentioned some issues
you had in the past so if they come up again – see her!!
Thanks for prompting me to seek further therapy. The recommendation came from
my personal trainer whose gym is across the street from her office and suffered with a
herniated disk in his neck and relieved his pain.
Maybe you should meet with her so you can refer patients when necessary. I am so
happy I have something that is fixable. Yeah!!!
Thanks again,
Rita L.

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