Are You Suffering From Insomnia, Or Can't Sleep In The Commack Area?

Are you from Commack and the following sounds familiar to you? 

  • You've not had a good nights sleep for as long as you can remember? 
  • You spend most of your nights tossing and turning? 
  • When you finally get to sleep, you're awoken by your alarm? 
  • You spend most evenings stressed and overthinking? 
  • You're anxious about going to bed?
  • Your bed doesn't feel comfortable no matter how hard you try? 

Why Sleep Should Be Your Priority?

There's nothing better than a good night's sleep, it's your body's way of recharging. If you're missing out on sleep your body will be suffering, whether you can feel it or not. If you can't sleep or have insomnia, they can significantly impact your everyday life. If you’re in or near Commack and you’re looking for help contact us at Universus PT.

Physical therapy can help you with your ongoing sleep problems, and we can assist you by correcting your posture. Health and well-being are our priority, it should be yours too.

Get In Touch Now To Start Your Recovery

What Are Some Of The Causes Of Sleep Disorders?

Some of the most common causes of sleep issues are listed below (but are not limited to):

  • Caffeine too late in the day
  • Alcohol with dinner 
  • Overly hot bedroom
  • Panic/anxiety
  • Too much screen time
  • Poor alignment and posture
  • Joint and muscle tension

Symptoms of lack of sleep can be extremely frustrating and uncomfortable. We want you to know that losing sleep isn't an uncommon occurrence. Get in touch with us now to see how we can help you. 

Are You Putting Up With A Lack Of Sleep And Are In The Commack Area?

Losing sleep is frustrating and often unnecessary, we know that we can help you with your sleep hygiene and get your silent nights back. Every night should be enjoyable and comfortable.

If you’re in Commack or the surrounding areas, get in touch now and we can help you. We will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan to get the best results.

Are You Thinking To Yourself - What Can I Do Today To Manage My Balance Issues In The Commack Area? 

Decide to find the right kind of help - Resting for weeks or months and hoping that the issues will subside and go away on its own. 6 months down the line you’re in exactly the same position and putting up with the the same kind of sleepless nights.

Gentle stretching before bed - We can help you put together a routine to help you improve your sleep hygiene and get a good nights sleep.

Daily exercises - We will help you to create an efficient personalized exercise plan to help combat your sleep problems quickly.

Effective physical therapy - Physical therapy is the most effective way to deal with the root cause of your issues. 

Here At Universus PT, We Can Help You Get Your Sleep Back

Are you ready to reclaim your life? 

Get in touch if you’re in discomfort and in the Commack area, we know that we can help you get your life back.

We’re only a phone call away and are nearby ready to help you. 

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