Hear from Happy Patients of Universus Physical Therapy

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Cynthia, 70's, Northport

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Caroline, 40s Huntington Station

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Rocco, 60s Huntington Station

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Anna, 30's, Huntington

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Joanna, 70s Northport

Rachel S.

 Dr. Ghattas is an incredible physical therapist who has such knowledge that is easily related to her patients. The one on one care is individualized and focused on your needs, which is extremely rare. You don't have to worry about being in a large space with other patients while you are in therapy. Dr. Ghattas has a wonderful beside manner and will guide you to recovery.

Brian H.

I saw Dr. Ghattas following a basketball  "achilles" injury. Through her one on one/ hands on extensive physical  therapy I was able to return to playing expeditiously. Her staff is also wonderful. Highly recommended. 

Ellen C.

 I have been a patient of Shaden's for years.  I would highly recommend her.  She is very dedicated to her practice and is always learning.   She works one on one with you.  You never are left to work by yourself. She has a passion for healing the whole body and is amazing at assessing the root problem.   Love, love her.

I’ve been treated at Universus Physical Therapy for discomfort associated with rheumatoid arthritis. The sessions include 45 minutes of one on one therapy including deep tissue massage and exercises designed for you. The therapist observes the exercises and corrects errors that may occur. I found this experience to be very helpful. I felt as though I was on Cloud 9 every time I left there. Carly Lowenstein and the rest of the staff were courteous, gracious and helpful at all times. I am very grateful for their support.

Karen M.

I started going to Shaden at Universus Physical Therapy in Huntington back in September after my neurologist determined that the numbness in my toes was coming from my chronic lower back issues. I have made so much progress in a short period of time. The stiffness in my lower back is just about gone. I get out of bed in the morning without the usual aches and pains. Shaden is a pleasure to work with. She and the rest of her staff make me feel so comfortable. She has set up an online program for me with all the stretching exercises she has taught me and I'm actually motivated to do them at home! I highly recommend Universus Physical Therapy.

Gail T.

 I first came to Universus Physical Therapy after a serious yoga injury. My low back pain had become so severe and debilitating that I had almost given up.... until I met Dr. Ghattas. Dr. Ghattas was the only PT able to accurately diagnose and correct my serious and recurring low back injury. After my first session, I was pain-free and on the path to a healthy spine. Dr. Ghattas also prescribed a targeted exercise regimen to permanently alleviate the instability in my low back. More than that, Dr. Ghattas has also worked with me to modify my yoga practice and understand proper alignment in poses for my spinal health. She is an absolutely brilliant doctor with a huge, open heart. She saved me from a life of chronic pain and strengthened me so that I could continue the sport I love. I can't recommend Universus Physical Therapy highly enough.

Eunice F.

Shaden at Universus Physical Therapy is a knowledgeable and caring healer.  I first saw her with painful frozen shoulder. She worked with me to regain my range of motion through hands-on, in-office therapy, and recommended at-home exercises to maintain my progress.  After a few months of working together, my shoulder is much better and I'm able to regain normal movements. I highly recommend her!

Karen B.

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