How Can I Treat My Back Pain Without Surgery?

How Can I Treat My Back Pain Without Surgery?

November 21, 2022

Do you suffer from chronic back pain? Have you at some point in your life dealt with some type of back pain and never learned the exact cause? You’re not alone. There are some studies that state up to 23% of adults in the entire world suffer from chronic low back pain. And about 80% of adults in America suffer from a back issue at some point in their lives. Many assume that invasive surgery is the only method of back pain treatment, but there is a better, more natural solution. 

With that said, an evaluation from a spine and movement specialist, such as a doctor of physical therapy, is the path you should seek first for back pain treatment. Universus Physical Therapy & Wellness, a premium PT clinic in Huntington, NY, has a team of back experts who will help evaluate, diagnose and treat your back pain without using prescription painkillers or invasive procedures. 

What are Common Causes of Back Pain?

Back pain can result from various factors including an injury to the back, musculoskeletal disorders, or other musculoskeletal injuries. Back pain does not always necessarily mean there is an issue within the back, but it could result from other structural problems in the body. With all these factors, back pain is not always so cut and dry. Here are the top causes of back pain:

Osteoporosis of the Back

A common condition that occurs in older adults, osteoporosis can be an additional cause of back pain. This occurs when our bone mineral density wears down, which happens naturally as we age. When this is present in the back, vertebrae of the spine become porous and brittle, leading to painful breaks. 

Strains of a Muscle or Ligament

For individuals who are deconditioned, the likelihood of all types of injury is higher. This can be due to postural imbalances and muscular compensations when lifting heavy objects and performing other repetitive daily activities. This often leads to strains or a ‘pull’ within certain muscles or ligaments, leading to back pain. Continued awkward movements and sudden jerks can lead to muscle spasms in the back which can worsen if not addressed. 

Arthritis of the Back

The lower back can also commonly be affected by osteoarthritis which can be a leading cause of chronic back pain. Spinal stenosis, a condition in which arthritis can lead to a narrowing of the spinal canal, can occur if arthritis is not treated right away. 

Herniated or Ruptured Discs

Vertebral discs act as small cushions between the vertebrae to allow our body to safely perform movements. Incorrect lifting form is a common cause of disc herniations in the spine and leads to tension on the nerves, resulting in immense pain. Additionally, degenerative disc disease can occur more commonly as we age or for individuals who are deconditioned. This loss of bone density can also result in chronic back pain. 

How Can Back Pain Be Prevented?

Many factors involved in the leading causes of back pain are generally preventable. Regular physical activity has been proven to reduce the likelihood of chronic pain, injuries, and chronic diseases. For example, resistance training can help increase bone mineral density and help prevent or slow the development of osteoporosis and degenerative disc disease. Additionally, proper lifting form can be coached in order to prevent bulged discs and muscle pulls and strains. 

Overall, a generally more conditioned individual will be less likely to suffer from injury. Individuals who are properly conditioned exhibit minimal muscular imbalances which can result in postural distortions and pain. Therefore, it is important to remain physically active and engage in a structured exercise program to help protect yourself from injury and chronic pain. 

Do I Need Surgery to Fix My Back Pain?

In short, no, you do not need surgery to fix your back pain. Everyone’s case can differ, and depending on the nature of your pain, injury, or condition, surgery may be the best option. In most cases, pain can likely be diagnosed and treated by a physical therapist without the need for surgical intervention. Surgery can involve a long recovery period, post-op pain, and hefty medical bills. Physical therapy is a natural, drug-free, invasive-free, approach to back pain treatment that will help to find and treat the root cause of your pain. 

How Can Physical Therapy Help My Back Pain?

The practice of physical therapy has an abundance of benefits, and here at Universus Physical Therapy & Wellness, it is our goal to find the root cause of our patient’s pain. Instead of other doctors who may just make it their goal to address a single area of pain, our doctors of physical therapy evaluate the whole body to find the source of your pain. 

Our experienced team of physical therapists will start by fully evaluating your area of pain as well as the surrounding areas of the body. We do this because there may be issues in those surrounding areas that lead to the main source of pain. Depending on your specific case, your therapist may use manual techniques to manipulate painful or tender areas. 

After that, you will be prescribed a customized exercise program that will address the areas of need. Your therapist will take you through these exercises 1 on 1 and ensure proper technique and alignment take place. These exercises will help to strengthen your underactive muscles and stretch any overactive muscles that are attributing to your back pain. Physical therapy helps you to recover from the pain that you are experiencing as well as helps you to prevent any future pain or injury from occurring.

Contact Universus Physical Therapy & Wellness for Back Pain Treatment

Our experienced physical therapists at Universus Physical Therapy & Wellness are dedicated to addressing and healing your pain. We take holistic and natural measures to back pain treatment and want to help you avoid a surgical procedure if possible. 

If you are someone who does not want to end up in the hospital because of chronic pain that has worsened, tackle it now! The sooner you can address pain, the less likely it will develop into a debilitating state. We will help you to handle your pain naturally and without painkillers. 

If you are interested in trying physical therapy in Huntington, contact us today to get a FREE consultation (a.k.a. Discovery Visit). you can do this by simply visiting our website or giving us a call at (631) 533-2888. We look forward to working with you! 

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