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Getting Serious About YOUR Health: Facts on Inflammation and Good Health


Now more than ever we are hearing about how risky it is to be “unhealthy”. We need to start to think about health in a more holistic, well-rounded way. Facts: Exercise alone is not enough, diet alone is not enough, vitamins help. We need to get your immune system ready for a possible attack.

All viruses act the same, they infect the host and multiply until they can take over. If the host’s (your) immune system is working well, the virus will become diffused pretty quickly and not pose a major health risk to the person. Inflammation is at the root cause of why our immune systems fail. If there is a systemic inflammation in the body, the host is very busy fighting that inflammation off, therefore when you become infected with the virus, your virus killer cells are distracted. If distracted for too long, the virus has a chance to infiltrate for longer and cause more damage. If the body is clean and without inflammation, those killer cells would be ready to attack the virus at a moment’s notice! This is why some people get the virus and have absolutely NO symptoms or very few symptoms, i.e. body aches, headache.

People ask me this all the time: “How do I know I have inflammation?” I will review a few ways to know: One very good way to know is through your blood work, an elevation of c-reactive protein indicates inflammation in the body. If you read the fine print on your lab work, next to CrP it says: “Elevated levels of this protein will increase your risk of heart disease.” It is not just heart disease that you are at risk for, it is also a viral attack and take over. You must lower your c-reactive protein levels! Another very important marker of good health is your Vitamin D3 levels. The recommendation is above 30-50 nanograms/milliliter. I would say to ensure optimal health, keep your Vitamin D levels above 50. When a person is inflamed they often feel fatigued, have frequent headaches, they complain of body aches and get sick often (more than 1-2x/year). 

Now we know that being inflamed puts your immune system at a disadvantage and we know a few ways to find out if you are in fact inflamed. So what do we do about it? In my last blog I gave 9 ways you can improve your immune response. Here is the link: https://universuspt.com/beyond-the-mask-9-things-that-are-more-important-to-your-immune-system-than-a-mask/  Since writing that blog, I have immersed myself in first party research and listened to the recommendation of some very intelligent doctors. We now know that a very good way to keep your immune system ready and your body low in inflammation is to use supplements, namely Vitamin C and Vitamin D. Vitamin C is a known anti-viral and as well an anti-inflammatory. You need to take as much C as your bowels can tolerate. There is no such thing as an overdose in Vitamin C, the worst that will happen is you will have diarrhea.

Of course I want you to start exercising because it helps remove toxins from the body, and of course I want you eating clean food because that prevents you from getting inflamed. Now I am saying that I want you to add supplements to your daily regime, namely Vitamin C and D.

I am so serious about helping you with this that I have gone out and stocked up on both. I have them for you. All you have to do is ask. Please, if you do nothing else for yourself at this point, take your vitamins! They work! I need you all to stay healthy and protected should a second wave come. You need to be ready. If you want me to help you with diet, knowing what foods to buy or how to exercise safely, I can help with that as well.

DO NOT sit at home in FEAR. Fear, anxiety, and depression CAUSE more inflammation. The neuronal immune system is very well studied, being scared and depressed will make you sick! There is no need to be fearful, we can help! Also, the media is not your friend, they are not sharing with you this type of information and they should. You need to take matters into your own hands. Enhancing your immune system is better than a vaccine! Do not sit idle waiting for the government to save you, because I doubt they will.

Hope energizes, fear paralyzes. Blessings to all.

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